Hello. I’m Denis Perevalov, professional programmer and artist in art-duet Endless Attractions Museum. My CV and skill set are here.
I’m author of “Mastering openFrameworks” book and some others, see my books/videos/lectures on creative coding here.

I’m creator of “Encyclopedia of Creative Coding” blog.

From 2009, I’m developing creative software for artists, performers and companies, see my clients and collaborators here.
I coded more than 100 projects, ranged from small generative art to a big concert interactive shows and artificial-intelligence controlled robots.

Creative Coding Programmer/Consultant

I’m ready to participate as a programmer or consultant in your projects, from a tiny experimental openFrameworks application for visualization/sonification/AI to a big multi-screen installation using depth cameras, microphones and Arduinos.
If you need a developer for your project or just need consulting, please contact me.


The most world-known projects in which I participated as a programmer are the following:
  1. Quantum Space, Kuflex, 2015
  2. Faces of Smell, art-group Where dogs run, 2012
  3. Osadok/The Aftertaste, art-group Where dogs run, 2011
    Ars Electronica’s 2012 Honorary Mention in “Interactive Art” nomination.

See more projects here
My contributions to open source see here.